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Khamis, 21 April 2011

What should I do

erm...what should i do...
when my heart beat so fast now..
when my mind feel blank rite now..
when my feeling so hard to think what i'm thinking rite now...
when my mouth so hard to say what in my mind rite now.....
i'm so stress...
so many things need to solve..alone..
without any somebody or someone for helping me..
i dont want to interrupt  any body in diz prob...
i need to solve it alone...be myself..
it can make me mad when i always think about it..

thanx for everything...
since you came into my life,
i got better life...
you light up my life..i swear i'm so happy with u..
even though sometimes i'm doubtful and skeptical about u,
i noe its my fault..
always think -tive bout u..even though u are not what i'm thinking..
i promise i'm never do it again....
i'm sorry dear..
but most important u need to noe,
i cant live without u..
i love u damn much..
i'm never felt like diz before...

it's so hard when we work with another company...
felt unhappy..
tied down with any rule and condition..
i love to work with independent..
no rules...no condition..
so i do love to work with my love...
with our company..
there is no rules...no condition..
so independent..
no stress...but cheerful..
we free to working without office hour..
i'm so impatient to work with this area..
hopefully i can resign with my career like now..corporate life..i dun like corporate life..
i want jump into business life...with my love..insyaAllah...
may Allah bless our dreams..

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